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Pregnant Belly

Antenatal Classes

Private antenatal classes are perfect for individuals or couples who are seeking the information that they need to make informed decisions regarding their birth choices. The private setting allows you to ask as many questions as needed and the aim of these sessions is to leave you feeling empowered to make the choices that are right for you. Antenatal classes cover many different topics, including:

  • Options for place of birth

  • What happens to your body during birth

  • Options for pain relief during birth

  • Tools to support labour and avoid unnecessary discomfort

  • Different techniques to encourage your baby get into a good position for labour

  • The different stages of labour and what happens in each

  • Framework for making informed decisions 

  • What the different potential medical interventions are

  • Life with a newborn and common worries

  • Feeding options

  • The basics of breastfeeding

Classes last two hours each, and while the full course of two classes is encouraged to empower you with the most information, it is also possible to book single classes on specific topics. Please contact me for more information. Sessions are held in your home or mine, or online via video call.

Gift vouchers are available in my shop and make the perfect present for expectant parents.

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