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Baby Massage

Baby massage is a beautiful bonding activity to share with your baby. It creates a gentle, reassuring space for your baby and is uplifting for parents. When babies make their needs known to parents, we often respond through touch - lifting them up, soothing them, rocking them, feeding them. Baby massage reinforces this natural response, through rhythmic stroking of your baby's body and movement of their limbs with your hands. Practically, baby massage can also help in a number of ways, including preparing your baby for bedtime and aiding the digestive system in the elimination of wind.

I trained in baby massage with Ruth Larkin in 2019 and was truly - and, admittedly, unexpectedly - taken aback by what a gorgeous practice it is. Having shared baby massage with my newborn daughter, it has been a beautiful way for us to spend time together and deepen our bond.

My baby massage classes are available as private one-to-one or group sessions, and as part of my postnatal yoga classes. They are also available as an add-on to doula services. For details of upcoming baby massage courses and workshops, please see my Schedule page.

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