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Crystals are something I have felt an affinity with since early childhood. This begun with visits to the Scottish National Museum in Edinburgh, my home city, where I found myself mesmerised by the gigantic amethyst cave on display - amethyst is a crystal that still to this day I find myself drawn to over and over again. My first crystal was bought from the museum shop, a piece of pyrite - or fool’s gold, as it is often known - and then began a love affair with crystals that would last a lifetime.

Through my years of working with crystals to support me through life’s ebbs and flows, I’ve learned to incorporate them into my practices, in meditation, chakra work and in yoga, and have run sell out crystal yoga and meditation workshops at the Bright Club in East London. 

If you feel drawn to working with crystals in your own life, I offer hour-long introductory crystal workshops which will teach you the basics and end in a grounding and nourishing crystal meditation. Crystal work is also available to be added on to any of my other offerings so please contact me to discuss your needs.

Gift vouchers for crystal workshops and healing sessions are available in my shop, alongside handmade ethically sourced crystal malas.

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