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Photography: Nina Goks

Welcome, my name is Erica, and I’m a yoga teacher, doula, crystal healer, spiritual practitioner and guide, based in West London and working throughout the city and beyond.

A lack of balance in my life kept me retreating to practices I’ve found comfort in for many years. These practices, including yoga, crystal work and meditation, helped me tune into my intuition, guided me and enabled me to step closer towards that goal of equilibrium. From there, I discovered other practices, and the better they made me feel, the more hungry I was to dive deeper and to learn more.

Becoming a mother in 2020 only heightened my yearning to find softness, ease and grace, to bring my daughter into the world gently, even in the midst of a global pandemic. This is why I trained to be a doula, because I want this for all parents and their precious babies. My doula services are inclusive and for pregnant people and families of all gender identities.

The practices I incorporate in my life and my offerings have built resilience, comforted me through dark times, aided in healing from trauma, strengthened both my body and mind, supported and nurtured me through my transition from maidenhood to motherhood and taught me that the answers I’ve been seeking are always within me. I’d love to share these tools with you too, to enable you to navigate your path and seek your truth.

Please take a look through the options on the menu for more information on individual services, or email and we can discuss what you wish to explore.

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