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Meditation was not something that came naturally to me at first, but through my training with Leila Sadeghee and learning to develop a daily practice, it has truly shifted my mental and emotional state in ways I cannot even begin to describe, and I want to help you feel this way too.

I can guide you in building a regular meditation practice, tailored to meet your needs and goals and to support and nourish you in the best possible way. For those who wish to bolster their meditation practice with visualisations, add in healing crystal energy, essential oils or work with mantra and song, we can dive as deep as you wish to go.

Meditation sessions are available as private one-to-ones – in your home or in my own private yoga space in West London – as group classes, corporate classes, workshops and events. Any session can also be run online, for clients anywhere in the world.

Gift vouchers for one-to-one and introductory sessions are available in my shop.

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