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Mama Medicine

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Photography: Nina Goks Photography

Pregnancy, birth and navigating motherhood are incredible life upshifts, but certainly not without their challenges - not least of all when experienced during a global pandemic and through the other obstacles life likes to test us with.

Just days after I found out I was pregnant, my father passed away suddenly. Then, mere weeks later, the coronavirus pandemic struck. Instantly, those dreams I had for my pregnancy were dramatically altered - no celebrations with friends and family, no proudly sharing my blossoming belly with the world, no prenatal classes, no meeting new parent friends. My healthcare also took a hit, with my husband no longer allowed to attend appointments or stay overnight with me after the birth of our daughter. This has been a traumatic time for the world's population, but for new and expectant parents it has brought so many additional and unexpected challenges.

These are the reasons why I've crafted the Mama Medicine course - I've put together many practices that have nurtured me in these times, and it brings me deep joy to share these with you too.

What is the Aim of the Course?

Run over four weekly, two hour sessions, the course will provide you with a series of practices designed to provide the tools needed to connect inwards, to our babies and to our new community with each other. While the saying, "it takes a village to raise a child", may feel difficult in these times, we can bring it to life through the creation of our own virtual support network. The course recognises the need to 'mother the mother (or parent)' and honours that it is not just babies who are born, we are also birthed into our new roles, and new identities, as parents.

The work of parents is often unseen and their experiences and emotions undermined. It's all too easy to lose ourselves in our new roles as we navigate the ebbs and flows - often on very little sleep - of life with a baby. The aim of Mama Medicine is to empower you to find yourself again, to feel heard and seen, to reconnect with your deep inner wisdom and your intuition and to truly see and honour yourself as you are.

Who Is It For?

The course is designed for those of us who may be feeling the same collective struggles relating to pregnancy, birthing and child-raising during the pandemic. Anyone at any stage in their journey is welcome to join us. As with all of my work, it is for pregnant and birthing people of all gender identities; we will be working with feminine energies - hence the title Mama Medicine - which are beneficial to all genders. Babies are, of course, welcome to all sessions, and actively encouraged for some, such as the baby massage portion (though don't worry if your baby is not yet born, you can still participate in the session and learn the beautiful practice of baby massage which you can share with your child once they are in your arms). As a mother myself, I understand that our babies need us, so of course feeding and tending to our little ones is absolutely encouraged during our time together where needed and breaks will be given.

Course Content

The course will run live online - for the safety and confidentially of our sacred group, sessions will not be recorded, so you are encouraged to join in live where possible.

You will receive a welcome pack in the mail, containing items you may find useful for the course, such as crystals, a handmade smoke stick and a digital workbook with journaling prompts.

Access will also be granted to a private group where we can continue to connect with one another outside of the course, and provides a safe space for questions and sharing.

The course will cover many practices, including:

  • Baby massage

  • Nourishing yoga

  • Working with crystals

  • Altar building

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Sharing circles

  • Moon ceremony


The course will run on the following dates in 2021:

  • Thursday 21st January

  • Thursday 28th January

  • Thursday 4th February

  • Thursday 11th February


I have set a limited amount of spaces in order to maintain the intimacy of the group, so if you are unsure or have any questions, please do get in touch so that I can answer them for you and avoid you missing out.

Investment is on a sliding scale in order to make the course accessible to all incomes in these difficult times:

  • Full price: £165

  • Option 1: £125

  • Option 2: £95

  • Option 3: £55

If you are facing financial challenges I do not want this to be a barrier to you completing this work, so do please reach out to me if none of these options are suitable.

Payment plans available for those who prefer to pay in instalments, please contact me for details.

I have two scholarship places available which I would like to gift to BIPOC womxn, so please contact me if this is calling to you and claim the space.

To book, or if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

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