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'Erica's approach to yoga is the perfect balance between gentle and challenging, as she takes each student and their needs into consideration. Erica's knowledge of the practice is extensive and I cannot recommend her classes enough.'

- Liam

‘Doing yoga with Erica is an incredibly relaxing, yet rewarding experience. She is a very calm and knowledgeable teacher who gets the best out of her pupils with grace and elegance. I also love the music choices we practice too, another one of Erica’s passions and something I haven’t experienced within any other practice.’

- Jess

'Being an utter beginner and not even able to touch my toes I was a little anxious about not being able to do yoga or it hurting, but Erica made sure everyone was practicing safely and helped correct and congratulate, creating an utterly safe and really tranquil environment. Erica established that different bodies feel and move in different ways and to explore what feels good to us, whilst laying out intentions and breathing practices for us. To say I’m converted is an understatement, I now try to ‘thank’ my body by using some of the stretches and positions Erica introduced us too whenever I feel like it needs that TLC.'

- Martha

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