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Mother and Child

What is a Doula?

Having a baby is a very sacred time, from growing and nurturing a tiny life in the womb, to the life-changing experience of birthing and the new chapter that starts for both parents and baby. It is the most beautiful, worthwhile and challenging job I have ever had. It was through this reverence for pregnancy, birth and parenting that I chose to train as a doula with Kicki Hansard and the Birth Bliss Academy while pregnant with my baby daughter.

A doula provides nurturing physical, emotional and informational support for pregnant and birthing people and new parents, throughout the prenatal period, birth and postnatally. They are not medically trained, they work alongside medical professionals to provide balanced information for their clients.

In my work as a doula, I provide support and knowledge to parents-to-be so that they can make the most informed choices for themselves and for their baby. This covers everything from antenatal classes, birth physiology, birth preferences, empowering partners with the tools to support during labour, and being present and on-hand during the birth. Postnatally, I provide infant feeding support - including breastfeeding guidance, baby care information and any services that the parents may need during this time - this is tailored to each client's needs and could be anything from giving you a break to take a relaxing bath, fetching your groceries, or cooking you a homemade meal. 

Any of my other offerings can be included in my doula services to make a tailored package just for you - from pre or postnatal yoga sessions, baby massage, holistic sleep coaching, meditation and breathwork.

Please see the Packages page for details of what is included in each tier of offerings.

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