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Image by Sanni Sahil

Women's Circles

Women's circles create safe, beautiful and intentional spaces for women to gather and to reconnect with themselves, each other and with nature. Each circle is carefully crafted to reflect where we are in the world and in relation to the moon's cycles, offering a variety of different seasonal practices. They are a space for us to reflect, to take time for ourselves and to relearn the lost art of connecting inwards, a practice that is so deeply needed in the world we live in and which has the potential for profound empowerment.

The practice of the women's circle is ancient feminine work, grounded in the belief that we all hold the power inside of us to heal and to live the life of our dreams, if we can only remember.

I offer this work both in groups or as one-to-one sessions if you wish to take a deeper dive for yourself. Private group gatherings are also available should you wish to gather your friends and family together in sacred space - these gatherings are also perfect for alternative bridal or baby showers! Keep an eye on the Events page for details of upcoming group gatherings.

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